Here we go again.

I have a confession. Blank pages scare me. I've tried starting up a blog before, and that attempt lasted one blog post. Getting over my fear of imperfection is something I'm working on.

A little bit about myself! I'm Shelly. I'm an illustrator and graphic designer.

My first love of illustration came about when I started drawing pretty ladies dressed in even prettier dresses. I was probably no older than six or seven. Over the years, my love of drawing these fashion figures had me believing I wanted to be a fashion designer, and so I got my degree in fashion design. :)

Five years of university later, I slowly began to realize that my real passion was actually illustration, not so much the designing, cutting, and sewing of clothes. 

For me, sharing my work on this little corner of the internet is another way to put my art out into the world, though it's strange to write this to what could possibly be no one. **Crickets.***

I am endlessly inspired by the work of contemporary illustrators, sometimes getting lost for hours in Pinterestland. I especially love getting an inside look at their process, with little snippets from their sketchbooks, so I figured it would be only fair to share my own creative process with you. 

Have a look around, and I hope you enjoy!